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Name: Bane
Age: Younger than Neo
Location: The level of hell reserved for there such a place? WHO CARES?!
Who referred you: ME, ME, ME
Why you want to join: Cause my sexy shouldn't be contained
Your best feature: Eyebrows
Favourite book: Anything by the Marquis De Sade
Favourite quote: "Evil will always triumph....because good is dumb"

Me looking angsty


Enjoying one of my favourite pastimes

This picture always makes me laugh
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*quickly raises her fingers to her eyes and touches them*

You're hawt. ASL?
Does NOT think teh blood spatter is hawt....*cough* lying! *cough*
Okay now. [hand touches to forehead, sighing] The stubble-goatee's cute, and I guess the threads are nice, based on how I hear you people in the [exaggerated fingerquotes] "Real World" don't have anything else to work with... but all that dark red, with BLUE eyes? And a Winter complexion like yours? I'm sorry. No. Goes together as well as any two walls of a 1970s interior decorator's living room. The first picture looks nice enough, you've got a cute kind of "blues" going on...

..oo. Wait. Does this have to do with that "emo" thing I've heard about? I might just be behind on the fads over there in Zion. Oh well... never mind.

((LAUGHING at scrapbook))