Sparks (operator_sparks) wrote in ratemy1337n355,

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*pokes his head in*

Uh..hhuhuhuh, hey"bitches."

Name: Justinian Augustus Sparkalucus
Age: 33
Location: The Logos
Who referred you: Bane... *covers his ass with his hands*
Why you want to join: Because I'm a sexy bitch.
Your best feature: Hm. My hair. No, my eyes. No, my ass. No, BOOTS!
Favourite book: Penthouse
Favourite quote: "I am what I am, and I do what I can."


Vote for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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title or description

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i wish i had 4 i could give you four thumbs down

I can't stand that radiating homosexuality
6 thumbs down, biatches! and by the way. your boots suck!


*slinks away, shoulders hunched*
Awww, I've always liked your hair!
I like his hair *Nine thumbs up*
He looks like Eddie Munster. 1337.
I'll need to see more before I do anything with my thumb.
fine...but in the mean time get it out of there!
For him, I think I know where I wanna put MY thumbs. [grin]

..Up, I mean. o_0

Wait, no-- I mean-- [sputters, pouting] Darn it! I always sound wronger than I mean to with these kind of things! ;-;